Do you make or alter wedding gowns?

No, we make custom made specialty costumes.


Do you make Halloween costumes?

No, our costumes are pricier than most people want to pay for a
Halloween costume.


How long does it take to make a costume?

It varies widely, depending on the design, the fabrics, and the
embellishments which are required. Since we are working on several at one
time, it usually takes two to three months from start to finish. 

From March through October, we are working on 8 – 10 costumes, various
hoop petticoats, and several dozen headpieces for the Texas Rose Festival,
held annually in Tyler in mid-October. Additionally, we may fit in a few dance
costumes and outfits for professional wrestlers.


What is the price of a costume?

The price can vary, according to the amount of labor, types of materials, and the quantity of embellishing involved. Once the design is decided, and the materials have been acquired, an estimate can be given to the client.


Do the clients come to you?

Yes, the clients come to our Dallas studio to be measured and for fittings. It usually takes four to five fittings to complete a costume.

  • At the first fitting, the design is discussed, and the client’s measurements are taken.
  • If a hoop petticoat is required for the costume, Susie will have it assembled for the second fitting. The costume is mocked up in muslin cloth and fitted at the second appointment also. The client needs to have her shoes and any special undergarments, such as a long-line bra, at every fitting. Any adjustments to the fit of the muslin pattern are made at that time. The placement of the neckline will be marked on the muslin, as well as the length of the sleeves, design lines, placement of trims, etc. Susie will disassemble the muslin mock up and use it for the pattern to cut the cloth.
  • The third appointment takes place after the bulk of the costume is cut and assembled. The fit of the body of the costume will be checked and adjusted if necessary. Susie will also check things like the neckline, ease of movement, length of skirt and sleeves, etc.
  • The costume is usually finished by the fourth appointment. The client tries it on for the last time. Additional fittings may be necessary if the client’s weight has fluctuated, or if there are lots of removable parts to the costume, such as a standing wired collar, removable trains, etc.